Another Collage

schooling the bear by the beachside

Abstract Collage 2

A second collage in as many weeks. Still working in gimp, still using public domain images–for the most part. I wanted to step clear away from comics this time, so I used a pair of postcards for the start, both from the Prints and Photographs collection. One is a beach scene, the other is captioned as a Jewish Market. Mixed in those is an image of a school teacher cut from a photo, taken from the same site.

There’s also segments from a picture of Victor the Wrestling bear fighting a lucha libre performer. I can’t determine the origin of this image unfortunately, it seems to be everywhere online, so I’ll post it below for your interest. I believe I’ve altered and obscured it enough that it should be covered by Fair Use. My intent was to use it as abstract shape and contrast, not as a figurative element. Looking at it now, I think the black rope and translucent lower half are the more successful elements.

found online, origin unknown at this time.

found online, origin point unknown at this time.

I also blended in a photo I took at a county fair a few years ago. It’s a blurry and unfocused shot of dozens of Curious George stuffed animals hanging over a game.

Atop all that, I mixed in two already abstract patterns; patterns are a big motif for me, and my personal interpretation of their symbolism tends to be about obsessive thinking, focus, and ideas–but not always. One pattern is a picture of TV static, found on a free use site, and the other I excerpted from a book cover that I found at a thrift store. Again I believe I’ve changed it enough that it counts as transformative and wouldn’t infringe on the original book cover.

I’ve enjoying making this collage and the one before it, and am going to do more, to see where they go.


About OneWordLong

I'm a storytelling artist and writer. I make collage, transmedia art projects, write essays and cultural analysis. In addition to I also co-curate
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