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Motivation and Starting Early

I ran across this today via boingboing: “Sitting Bull: A Life Story” as told in in comic form. I recommend taking a look at it, not necessarily because it’s by a ten year old girl–her name is Sasha Matthews–a lucky kid from … Continue reading

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Achewood, Language & Realism in the Face of Absurdity

Unarguably one of the best comics of the past 15 years, Achewood* continues to gain new fans and maintain undiminished luster, despite having not produced a regular story since about 2012. Chris Onstad started Achewood* at the cusp of the … Continue reading

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What I’ve Been Up To. Productivity

I never expected I would let this blog go as long as I have without working on it.  That is the exact opposite of the reason I started it. I have been productive though, and wanted to talk about that here. … Continue reading

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